Infinitely many and a finite few — What’s the difference?

Marcus Fyfeldi
1 min readFeb 17, 2021


Even as an infant I knew I had an interest in science……………………….. Why / How / When / Where…… you know how children are!

I found fun in the most simple way things interacted together…………….. Playing with the box rather than the toy.

As I developed I enjoyed the invisible — magnetism / electricity……………….. and the hidden by size — the microscopic / the very far away.

I read of Leonardo da Vinci a genius born well before his time. His work kindled my imagination. Visionary knowledge that transformed the way I perceived the seemingly impossible.

I find myself as a science lay man grappling with what I believe are the biggest (and indeed smallest!) mysteries of science today.

“What is the difference between infinitely many and the finite few?”…………This was a question posed by an academic to my student group many years ago. I am currently thinking that there is no difference….. as seemingly consideration of each, the infinite and finite are impossible. Maybe if we thought differently and changed the maths we could get closer?

Now there’s the issue — I am not a Mathematician!

I find myself concerned where most of the “stuff” is hiding in the Universe. As only 5% is only accounted for. The rest “Dark Matter” and “Dark Energy” according to conventional theoretical physics, make up the rest.

However should we consider different mathematics and different physics?

Now there’s a thought! M.F.



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